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How To Patch A Carpet Hole?

If you are a dog owner or have a kid in your house, then you may experience holes in carpets very frequently. There are various other reasons that can lead to carpet holes. Some can be when you try to move furniture, your dog tends to chew the carpet, your toddler damages the carpet unknowingly while playing around or droppings of a candle.

Thus carpet holes are a very common problem to be seen if you have carpet flooring in your house. But calling professionals all the time is not appropriate, and thus you should know how you can replace the holes on your own in the comfort of your home.

The following steps are a detailed guide on how to patch a carpet hole on your own:

  • Outline The Damaged Area

Firstly, you need to trace a circle using an empty can that is big enough so that the whole comes inside the circumference of the tin. Trace a clear marking on the carpet.

  • Cut The Outlined Area

Now using a carpet cutter cut your carpet exactly the same as the circle circumference that was drawn before. Make the cut nice and tidy. And be very careful while attempting this step.

  • Trace The Cut-Out Part

Now using a carpet piece that matches exactly the same as your carpet trace the cut-out part onto the new carpet piece. If you have any leftover pieces of your carpet then that would be the best replacement. After tracing the shape onto the new carpet piece, cut that piece neatly.

  • Place The New Piece

Now, using carpet tape place the new cut-out piece of the carpet onto the cavity that you made earlier while removing the damaged part.

  • Submerge For Seamless Effect

Then to make the patch seamless, trim the edges and use a star roller around the perimeter of the new patch and roll out the edges.

Using the given steps easily answers your ‘how to patch a carpet hole’ question.


Carpet holes are not pleasing to the eyes and can cause you embarrassment in front of your guests. And in times of emergency, you have no other option than to treat a carpet hole on your own.

If you are looking for a method that can guide you on how to patch a carpet hole, then this article is your answer. Considering all the activities that are going on in normal households, carpet holes are a common concern, therefore patching the hole yourself is what everyone searches for. This article will help you with thorough knowledge of how you can deal with a hole in your carpet. 

Just keep a few things in mind, make sure that you use the same patch so that it is not seen through the naked eye, and be careful while cutting the damaged patch from the carpet. You can always hire our local carpet repairer in Brisbane for same-day services.

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