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Carpet Dyeing Brisbane

Best Carpet Dyeing Services At The Best Rates In Brisbane

Using specialised artisan tools, we perform invisible carpet repairs as well as carpet restoration by repositioning dyeing fibres. It’s not complicated, so there’s no reason to replace a perfectly good carpet because minor burn holes or general pet damage has discoloured your carpet. 

We have extensive experience in carpet repair. Since we started our carpet repair business over 25 years ago, we have repaired a wide variety of damaged carpets across Brisbane. We are fully licensed and trained in carpet pattern repair, including repairing burnt holes in high-use areas and repairing tight carpet seams.

Moreover, we are pleased to offer one-stop carpet repair and carpet dyeing services for all residential and commercial customers. We have successfully repaired almost every type of damaged carpet imaginable.

Types Of Carpet Dyeing: We Make It Easy

Dyeing is a simple process. The carpet has been recently cleaned and bleached. After drying, the dye is applied to the carpet.

Simple Dyeing

It refers to any carpet that has been dyed after being cleaned. The three most popular techniques are atmospheric or oven dyeing, cream dyeing, and jet dyeing. You can also choose a fresh paint colour to transform your carpet into a whole new look if you want to give it a complete makeover.

Roller Dyeing

With roller dyeing, the carpet is dyed with the help of spray nozzles. This is a handy method. The ability to make your carpet look new without having to buy a new one is probably the biggest benefit of hand-dyeing it. If your carpet has faded or some stains are too deep to remove, dyeing can successfully solve these problems.

When Should You Go For Carpet Dyeing?

The time to consider carpet dyeing is when your carpets start to look faded and neglected. When it comes to dealing with worn-out carpeting in your home, you have several options, including cleaning or replacing it. But as we have seen, dyeing your carpet is one of the best ways to give it a new look. If you have the time, a carpet dye job can drastically change the look of your home and surprise everyone who passes by your old carpets.

Why Pick Us For Carpet Dyeing Services In Brisbane?

First of all, our service for dyeing your carpet costs a lot less than replacing the carpet in your home. Carpet dye has the power to magically hide those pesky stains you could never get rid of while properly bringing all the vibrant colours back to your original carpets. You can also choose a new colour, a darker colour, or a combination of colours. This approach is definitely worth considering, as it can save 50-80% of the cost of purchasing a new carpet.

You should be relieved to know that most carpet dyes on the market today are entirely environmentally friendly and safe for human and animal health. Our carpet dyeing technicians only use completely safe dyes that will not harm you or your loved ones. Using a sprayer and other special equipment, we apply a special carpet dye. That’s why it’s essential that you hire someone who uses only sustainable eco-dyes and the best equipment for the job.

You can completely trust the experts available at Invisible Carpet Repair Brisbane to solve your problems related to carpet dyeing. We are available 24/7 to help you. 


Is carpet dyeing a good decision?

Yes, it’s absolutely a good decision. This will give your old and faded carpets a new look. 

What’s the price of a carpet dyeing service?

It totally depends on the carpets and orders. The cost of dyeing your carpet will depend largely on the size of your room. Our professionals do the job which will cost around $0.70 per square foot. So, a 1,000-square-foot room will cost around $700.

How to give you an order for carpet dyeing?

You can give us orders online and offline. You can call us or submit the contact us form.