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Carpet Patching Brisbane

Premium Carpet Patching Service For Home Carpets In Brisbane

Invisible Carpet Repair Brisbane is a professional carpet repair services team offering a wide range of services to customers in the city of Brisbane, Australia. From holes and pet damage to old carpets that need to be removed and replaced, we have a service to suit your needs.

The services offered by our Brisbane carpet patching team include fixing holes, burns, tears and scratches. All services are carried out by experienced and qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible service to customers in Brisbane.

Process Of Carpet Patching By Our Experts

  • Assess damaged carpet

Carpet patching works best for small, localized spots that are worn, scratched, or stained beyond repair. It is most effective for areas that are 1 square foot or less and are not very big. If you have large sections or multiple sections, you may want to consider covering the entire room.

  • Find a donor mat

Ideally, the donor carpet should be a newer version of the same type of carpet as the damaged area. Also, patches made of anything, even patches of similar colour or hair, will be pretty obvious. First, try using unused remnants of the same carpet – new remnants are often leftovers from the original installation. It’s worth scouring your house carefully for all possible sources of new remains, as they provide the best donor material. You can find them lying around in the garage, attic, or basement.

  • Mark the damaged section

Use an awl or cap pen to establish a square around the damaged area. Push the tool into the carpet between the clumps and pull it out. This separates the clumps and reduces the number of clumps to cut.

  • Cut the damaged part

Use a utility knife to cut the carpet along the square lines. We do our best to cut only the back of the rug, avoiding clumps. Carefully remove the carpet section. If there are carpet fibres attached, cut them instead of removing them.

  • Receive the carpet from the donor

Bring the damaged area you cut out to the donor area. Lay the piece on top of the donor carpet. Use the top part as a template and draw around it with an awl or a pen. Similar to the previous step, cut the donor carpet making sure to cut the backing without cutting the tufts.

  • Decide on the direction of the nap and the test donor piece

The carpet is milled so that your nap runs in one direction. Run your hands over the carpet in several different directions to see how the carpet naturally naps. This does not apply to low-pile carpets, such as carpets with burrs or without rails. Also, set the orientation on the donor part. Place the donor piece in the correct direction next to the area to be repaired and make sure it does not move.

  • Apply carpet tape

The carpet tape is adhesive on top and bottom. Because it’s so sticky, carpet tape only gives you one chance to stick it. If you stick it in the wrong place, it’s best to tear off the tape, throw it away, and start over with a new piece. Cut four strips of carpet tape large enough to cover the perimeter of the patch area still with the backing paper. 

  • Fix and mix

Stick your carpet patch on the square where the ribbon is waiting to receive it. Press firmly in place. Using a carpet roller, comb, or dry cloth, rub the carpet in all directions to blend the patch into the rest of the carpet. Pay special attention to the edges. Don’t work the edges too hard, or you risk losing valuable pieces of edge.

  • Patch the donor area (optional)

If the donor area is not visible, you can leave it unpatched if you prefer. A better approach is to patch it with the best matching remaining mat, using the above method.

When To Make Carpet Patches?

When you notice holes, tears, burns or major scratches on your carpet, you can call us for the best carpet patching and all other repair services. We provide the best carpet patching and repair services.


  • One of the main advantages you can get from repairing carpets is that it will cost you much less than replacing an entire room with carpets.
  • Repairs are ideal for small rips, tears, and holes and help extend the carpet’s life. If your carpet isn’t that old, patching it up will help you get the most out of it before replacing it.
  • Professional services carefully match carpet pile, colour, and style for a totally flawless repair that’s hard not to notice. Although there are DIY kits on the market, these never provide a nice finish and should be avoided, as proper mixing and patching require years of training and experience.
  • Carpet patching is great for getting rid of unwanted stains that won’t come out even after being cleaned by a professional. Sometimes certain foods leave stains on carpets, ruining their overall appearance. Patching these areas restores your carpet’s natural beauty while removing unsightly stains.

Choose Us And Forget About Your Damaged Carpets

As a result of our carpet patching service, the carpets will be like new, without a loss of colours or holes and marks that could make them lose their shine and texture. Moreover,  you can appoint us for same-day carpet repair services. By hiring us for carpet patching and repair, you get services from trained and experienced technicians. People also know us for these things.

  • Good quality services that are affordable and decently priced. 
  • All the services that we offer are going to be very precise and seamless. 
  • Approachable and very accessible services to people across Brisbane. 
  • All the experts on our team are very skilful and knowledgeable. 
  • We have quite a hassle-free booking system.
  • With our assistance, you are going to save a lot of money, since our services are cost-effective. 


Can I opt for same-day carpet repair services?

Yes, we provide same-day carpet repair services. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time at your convenience and according to your needs.

Will you repair the insect-damaged carpet?

Of course, we repair carpets damaged by insects using specialized carpet repair techniques. Take advantage of it now to completely repair all kinds of damage.

Can all carpets be patched?

We have the best ideas for patching carpets. These help us in patching any carpet with less resources and investments.